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Air -Vent Freshener, Adjustable Flow,

Our luxury car diffuser is sleek, lightweight, portable and diffuses Finest fragrance oils. It’s durable aluminum alloy body and powerful diffusing system means effective coverage and long-lasting satisfaction for you and your passengers. Can be closed when it’s not needed.

Diffuser kit includes: One diffuser (Gold /Silver/ Black or Pink) and 3 Aroma sticks

( Natural Palace, Spring Escape, Hall of Fame).

Natural Palace             

Top: Green Tea, Lemon Flower, Ginger
Mid: Jasmine, Ylang Ylang
Base: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk

Spring Escape      

Our powerful Spring Escape aroma incorporates green tea elements, rich jasmine, lemon flower, earthy geranium, sandalwood, sensual amber, and notes of musk. Are you ready for a floral escapade?


Hall of Fame         

Elegance, unlike beauty, never fades. Don’t let your signature scent fade. Lush sandalwood, Tuscan leather, fresh lemons, spicy cardamom and inviting amber blend into pure luxury: our Hall of Fame fragrance. Can you hear the applause and the “wows”?

Our Fragrances are custom made by Elegance Aroma

More aromas to choose from: Aroma Refills – Rev In Style Inc

Rev In Style brings you a modern solution to removing odors and leaving your car smelling great.  Why shouldn’t you enjoy aromatherapy on your commute?

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Luxury embroidery

Classic checks are elaborately embroidered on the surface leather, making your mats beautiful and distinctive

High-quality Materials

The surface is fine leather and inter-layer is XPE. So the mat can be rigid but also very flexible

Precisely measured

Using laser scanner to precisely measure each individual model's floorboard to create the perfect fit.